[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Suffers a Nitrous Explosion at the Texas Mile


[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Suffers Nitrous Explosion at the Texas Mile

Here was a scary incident at fall 2013 running of the Texas Mile. Buddy Schulz is the owner/driver of this C6 Corvette and earlier in the day he had posted runs nearly 180 mph. But it was his last run of the day that makes the news.

Schulz’s Corvette was powered by a 416 ci LS3 with a 2-stage nitrous system. It appears that a missed shift sent the RPMs through the roof and the engine blew which engulfed the Corvette in flames. Schulz stopped the Corvette and the flames were already starting to get inside by the time he unbuckled and scrambled out the car.

The whole incident was captured on an on-board camera while another camera followed the car down the track from the sidelines.

The trackside emergency crews were on the scene a few seconds later and we watched as they work to put out the persistent flames.

The good news to come from this is that the driver escaped without injury and we are told that he already making plans for the car’s next engine.

Gearhead Flicks on YouTube via Jalopnik

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