DVR Alert! New TV Show “Corvette Nation” Airs Friday on Velocity


DVR Alert! New TV Show

A new original TV series called “Corvette Nation” will be making its debut Friday night at 7pm ET on Discovery’s Velocity channel. The 13-episode series dedicated to America’s favorite sports car will feature all sorts of events, people and of course the car that we love so much.

The first episode was shot during the Bloomington Gold Corvette show this past June so if you were there, make sure you tune in.

Corvette Nation is hosted by Bill Stephens who you will recognize from Mecum’s live television auction coverage which also airs on Velocity. Bill is joined on the show with his co-host Maria Prekeges.

The presenting sponsor for Corvette Nation is Mid America Motorworks. The Corvette Nation crew will be filming at the 20th Anniversary of Corvette FunFest at Mid America’s campus in Effingham, IL next weekend.

“The Corvette is such a staple of the car culture. We’re looking forward to working with the team at Corvette Nation to give this icon the recognition it deserves,” said Mid America’s founder and Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager.

While the Corvette Nation was filming at Corvettes at Carlisle last month, we learned that our friend Michael Brown, filmmaker and producer of The Quest documentary will also be presenting some of his “Corvette Collections” vignettes that have become very popular on YouTube.

Here’s Corvette Nation’s opening title sequence which will give you an idea of what to expect:

Corvette Nation will air starting this Friday, September 13, 2013 at 7pm ET. For more information and to give feedback on the new show, visit Corvette Nation on Facebook at

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