[PIC] Throwback Thursday: Motor Trend Tests the 1958 Corvette


[PIC] Throwback Thursday: Motor Trend Tests the 1958 Corvette

It’s time for Throwback Thursday where we feature vintage photos of Corvettes. In 1958, Chevrolet rolled out a major update on its now five year old sports car and like the 2014 Corvette Stingray, the press was eager to get their hands on it to see what it could do.

Motor Trend was lucky to score three 1958 Corvettes which are shown here at Buttonwillow Raceway with the MT crew getting ready to put the car through its paces.

The introduction of the 1958 was met with mixed reviews from the press and public. The clean, simple lines of the previous year model, 1957, were completely changed. It was a sign of the times when chrome was the styling trend of the day. Some people loved the “glitz” while others complained the Corvette body styling was a disaster.

Performance was excellent with the 290 hp Corvette turning the ¼ mile in 15.6 seconds, and the 0-60 mph was completed in 6.9 seconds. Top speed was reported to be in excess of 120 mph. The Corvette performance was compared to the Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari (so what’s new?!), which were selling in the $10,000 range, approximately three times that of the Corvette. Magazine test results were excellent, as was the performance record on the racecar circuit.

Click here to see a larger version of Motor Trend testing the 1958 Corvette at Buttonwillow Raceway.

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