[PIC] Corvette is Main Attraction in Long Beach, Washington Circa 1964


[PIC] Corvette is Main Attraction in Long Beach, Washington Circa 1964

One of my favorite features from Hemmings is the vintage photographs showing life in America from the view on the street. This photo shows downtown Long Beach, Washington in what is believed to be the summer or early fall of 1964 shows a crowded street with a Riverside Red mid-year Corvette driving away from the camera. Check out the attention the Corvette commands from the pedestrians on the street!

A large version of the photo.

If the time period is from 1964, then consider that sighting a Corvette coupe would have been pretty rare with only 19,000 coupes built during the first two years of C2 production. The red Sting Ray really stands out in the sea of 4-door sedans.

A couple more notes regarding the photo:

  • Note the trailer hitch on the back of the Vette.
  • The guy to the right of the Corvette exiting the car is really giving it a look!
  • The boy scouts and the American flag in the lower right corner.

You can see this photo and other vintage street scenes at Hemmings or check out the flickr photosteam from Roadside Pictures which was the source for this vintage photo.

Roadside Pictures via Hemmings

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