[VIDEO] Chevy Sends a Daddy Blogger to Drive a Corvette at Ron Fellow’s Driving School


[VIDEO] Chevy Sends a Daddy Blogger to Drive a Corvette at Ron Fellow's Driving School

Chevy has a great new video posted on YouTube that offers us a first-hand look at how a blogger from DadCentric.com makes so much progress behind the wheel of a Corvette Z06 thanks to the skills he learns at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School.

The day at Spring Mountain Resorts, located about an hour west of Las Vegas, gave Greg Barbera the chance to fulfill a lifelong fantasy to learn how to drive a racecar.

Chief driving instructor Rick Malone of the Ron Fellows School has Greg driving laps in a Corvette Z06 like a pro by the end of the day after teaching him car control, shifting, and cornering techniques. First up is heel /toe downshifting, followed by a dry handling oval exercise that teaches drivers how to enter and exit a turn properly.

“Almost reminds me of playing football where you don’t want to look at every player on the field,” Greg says. “You just want to look at either the person you want to avoid or tackle.”

Now it’s time to get serious and put the helmets on for the wet figure 8 exercise.

“It’s kinda like being on a roller coaster,” Greg says. “You don’t really address the adrenaline that’s going through you until you get out because the whole time you’re just in survival mode!”

Rick gives us some insight into what it’s like to drive on the Spring Mountain track every day. “It doesn’t get boring driving the same track over and over,” he says. “Absolutely not! Every time I go on that track, it’s like my first time around that track.”

Greg sums up his experience with this statement: “Before I started the day, I’d never driven this car. And by the end of the day I’m driving around, laps by myself. That’s… ridunkulous!”

How about you? Have you checked this experience off your bucket list?

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