Matt Farah Receives a Driving Lesson in the Corvette ZR1


Matt Farah Receives a Driving Lesson in the Corvette ZR1

As a scorching Corvette ZR1 roars around a turn in the background, automobile expert Matt Farah of the Attack of the Show asks viewers on the Web if they’d like to drive that.

“I can’t but I’d sure as hell like to,” Farah says. “Today that’s what we’re gonna do.”

Farah was lucky enough to go to the Ron Fellows Driving School for a lesson in not just any car, but a 2012 Corvette ZR1.

“You won’t just improve your driving technique,” Farah says, “but you’ll have a little fun in a $100,000 ride!”

He gets lessons from Rick Malone, head instructor at the Ron Fellows Driving School.

Malone admits that the ZR1 is not an amateur’s car, “but the way (it) is designed with the computer system and electronic aids, it will help an amateur driver actually become a better driver.”

Malone points out that the ZR1 is a legitimate 200mph car, “and if you think about it in the United States just a half decade ago, the most you could get out of a street car was 405-hp – the Z06, and now six years later, we’ve got 638-hp.”

Farah asked him what are some of the challenges most encountered with the drivers he trains, and Malone says it’s the corner approach and corner entries, focusing on the exit speed instead of the entrance speed. Every corner has three parts – a turn-in point, an apex, and a track-out – or the beginning, middle, and end.

“Every corner is different so it’s important to know where that apex occurs on the corner,” Farah says, “to maximize your fastest driving line.”

On his first time around the track, Farah sets a baseline time of 1:32.20, then takes an hour of instruction with Malone and 10 practice laps to see if he can improve. He does, dropping to 1:29.07.

“Ron Fellows Driving School is pretty awesome,” Farah says. “Even somebody like me who’s relatively advanced can still show up and take 2½ seconds off my lap time in just an afternoon!”


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