[VIDEO] The 2013 Corvette Seminar at Corvettes at Carlisle


[VIDEO] The 2013 Corvette Seminar at Corvettes at Carlisle

Members of General Motor’s Corvette Team once again came to Carlisle, PA for the annual Corvettes at Carlisle Show and gave their annual “What’s New with Corvette” seminar.

Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter started off with the walk-around before turning it over to Dave Tatman, the Corvette Assembly Plant Manager. Also talking 2013 Corvettes were Harlan Charles, Corvette’s Product Marketing Manager and Kirk Bennion, Corvette’s Exterior Design Engineer. The Seminar took just a little more than 20 minutes to cover the latest and final Corvette models of the C6 era but it was well worth it and very informative to all those that were there.

There were two examples of the 2013 Corvette on display while the Corvette Team talked. To the right of the stage was the new 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible with the 60th Anniversary package and on the left was a 2013 Night Race Blue Corvette ZR1 with a full body stripe and other goodies available through the Genuine Corvette Accessories (GCA) catalog.

The Corvette Team has been giving the latest model walk-around seminar at Carlisle for the last nine years running. Tadge joked with the crowd that this will be the last time they discuss the C6 Corvette here at Carlisle.

The 2013 Corvette Seminar at Corvettes at Carlisle

Corvette Plant Manager Dave Tatman was attending his 3rd Corvettes at Carlisle show and remarked about how his first appearance (or indoctrination) occurred when he was on the job for only two weeks. Tatman thanked everyone on behalf of the men and women at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where he says “we build dreams”. He said that all assembly plant tours will come to an end on September 14th as the factory is in full changeover mode to install and setup all the tooling and track needed for the C7 Corvette. Tadge reminded the audience that although the plant is closed to tours, they will still be producing the 2013 Corvettes for quite some time.

When Harlan Charles took over, he spent the first few minutes talking about the new model for 2013, the 427 Convertible. He pointed out that the 427 Convertible gets 24 mpg on the highway with no gas guzzler tax and 505 horsepower. Tadge remarked that he drove that car to Carlisle and he averaged 27 mpg. Harlan went through all the available options and colors and packages that can be ordered on all the 2013 Corvettes and the various combinations that the 427 Convertible can be ordered.

Harlan also made a point to mention the 427 Convertible and its power to weight ratio and how that compares to some of the competition’s models. The short answer is there is no comparison!

Corvette Exterior Designer had the opportunity to talk about the 2013 Corvette ZR1 which he says will officially be the last year of the ZR1. Kirk brought the 2013 Night Race Blue Corvette ZR1 we saw back on Woodward which had a new blue full-body racing stripe across it. The car featured gloss black wheels which is a new option this year and this Corvette ZR1 had a black on black interior and the “Elwood” version of Jake wheel center caps.

Here is the full 2013 Corvette Walk-around Seminar from Corvettes at Carlisle:

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