Sir Alex Ferguson: No Corvette ZR1’s for Manchester United’s Young Players


Sir Alex Ferguson: No Corvette ZR1's for Manchester United's Young Players

Sometimes it’s tough being young.

For example, just ask the players on the prestigious Manchester United soccer squad in Great Britain who are younger than 23. They won’t be able to take full advantage of a very generous offer by the team’s newest sponsor, Chevrolet, to give them the Chevy of their choice, even a shiny new Corvette.

Seems their coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, doesn’t feel that they are mature enough to climb behind the wheel of the flashy sports car and has ordered that those youngsters can’t get a free Corvette. In fact, he says he’ll have to approve whichever car these “babies” want.

The players affected by Sir Alex’s decision include Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, and Rafael.

If you happen to be more mature, at least in years, then you can take your pick, including a Corvette. That includes players like Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Javier Hernadez, and Robin van Persie.

It’s no secret that the coach believes respect comes with age, apparently including the use of a Corvette. We’d like to think if they are disciplined enough to be professional soccer players on the world’s most valuable sports franchise (according to 2012 Forbes rankings), then they are disciplined enough to drive a Corvette responsibly.

We guess if they are not mature enough to wear colored soccer cleats (as the coach reportedly ruled against earlier), then maybe they shouldn’t be driving a high-horsepower sports car either.

NY Daily News

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