C6 Corvette Delivery Programs Coming to an End


C6 Corvette Delivery Programs Coming to an End

As production of the C6 Corvette winds down, so are many of the delivery options for buyers of the 2013 Corvette. We already knew that the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green would be suspending public tours of the facility on September 14th. Now we got word that the Buyers Tour and the custom Photo Book options have closed as well.

Buyers that ordered their new Corvette after Sunday, July 29th will not be able to purchase the photo book or participate in the buyers tours. The volume of orders is such that any Corvettes ordered after that date will be assembled after the plant has closed to the public on September 14th.

The VIP Tours are still open but will end on September 13th. If you are planning on participating in the VIP Tour, you should make your plans to do so immediately. The VIP Tours last for 3-5 hours and includes the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant as well as the National Corvette Museum. Tours of the Assembly Plant are more in-depth and include portions not included in the regular tours.

If you’re interested in the VIP Tours and watching the assembly of the final Corvettes from the C6 era, contact Gary Cockriel or Lori Bieschke @ 1-800-205-4248 or visit CorvetteMuseum.com

The good news is that these delivery programs will open back up after the launch of the C7 Corvette in 2013.

We did reach out to the Corvette Museum to inquire if there will be an end date to the Corvette Engine Build Experience that allows buyers to build their own LS7 or LS9 engines for their Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. Because that program is held at the Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan and not at the factory, buyers will be able to order and participate in the program until just before the assembly of the C6 Corvette has concluded.

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