Indiana Mayor Fights Police Department After His Corvette Receives a Parking Ticket


Indiana Mayor Fights Police Department after Corvette Receives Parking Ticket

An Indiana mayor is coming under fire from some quarters for his response to illegally parking his yellow C5 Corvette convertible for several hours outside the City Building on Friday.

Seems Logansport Mayor Ted Franklin parked his Corvette about halfway into a yellow-curbed no-parking zone, then failed to move it after a police officer called his office to inform him about the violation. That was about noon.

When Franklin’s car was still there several hours later, someone called to complain. “The complainant refused to give their name, but they had received a ticket for the same offense and felt like the individual should receive a ticket,” the police report states.

Officer A.J. Rozzi, who just happened to be the police chief under Franklin’s predecessor, followed up on the matter and issued a ticket for illegal parking at 4:15 p.m. The mayor claims that he didn’t know anything was even wrong until 4:20 p.m. when a friend called him to tell him about the ticket.

Franklin paid the $20 fine on Monday, but he won’t have to worry about a similar offense since now a large yellow parking space marked with a sign reading “Mayor Parking Only” has been placed in a spot previously reserved for police cars. (Maybe he should have bought one of those “Corvette Parking Only” signs at the Corvette Museum, too.)

The brouhaha appears to be routine political fallout since Mayor Franklin had earlier refused to hire Rozzi’s son for a vacant spot on the police force.

Indiana Mayor Fights Police Department after Corvette Receives Parking Ticket

The mayor defends his new parking spot, saying it will allow him to get in and out of the city building more quickly. “This will allow me to do that a lot better,” he said.

Now, let’s hope these two men can just get back to doing their jobs and leave petty politics behind.


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