[VIDEO] 2007 Corvette Z06 Is Dismantled for Parts in Time Lapse Video


[VIDEO] 2007 Corvette Z06 Is Dismantled in Time Lapse Video

Many of us have taken the time to go to Bowling Green, Kentucky and see how our beloved Corvettes are lovingly put together at the Assembly Plant there.

Not many of us, however, have ever seen the reverse process and witnessed a 2007 Z06 literally taken apart piece by piece.

But you can witness the slow death of a C6 during this video that surfaced online showing how a C6 Corvette was disassembled at the Cleveland Pick-A-Part center.

We’re not sure about the history of this particular Corvette, but we do know that the car apparently was in good enough shape to be driven into the service bay to begin the “surgical procedures” that end with the “patient” dying on the “operating table,” so to speak.

It’s almost like being in high school biology class when we peeled the skin off a frog to see the internal organs. This video shows the dismantling of all the body panels, followed by the hauling away of the chassis to another part of the facility. Then, for some reason, the car is chopped in half, with the front end taken away by a forklift.

Of course, taking a positive spin on the process, you might say this heroic Corvette Z06 gave its life so that perhaps dozens of its other brother Corvettes can live on thanks to its donor parts.

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