[VIDEO] Fastlane’s 667-HP Rear Mounted Turbo Corvette Z06 on the Dyno


[VIDEO] Fastlane's 667-HP Rear Mounted Turbo Corvette Z06 on the Dyno

If you’re looking for a performance boost for your Corvette Z06 that’s out of the ordinary, then Fastlane out of Houston, Texas may have the answer for you.

Fastlane vows to be not only Houston’s biggest and baddest tuner shop, but they have also been building muscle cars and trucks for nearly 15 years, according to their website.

The shop’s latest effort is a C6 Z06 Rear Mount Turbo Kit that features a 76mm Turbo on a stock Z06 motor.

They recently put the souped-up motor to the test on a dyno, and the engine produced 667 hp at 5psi boost – an increase of some 162hp over the standard GM performance.

Fastlane says it uses only the highest quality parts and equipment available from the aftermarket, and packages are installed to exacting tolerances resulting in kits that look as good as they perform. They also guarantee their performance packages meet or exceed the guaranteed horsepower rating at the rear wheels. All come with a 12 month/12,000 mile limited warranty.

Their team includes:

David Farrack – Engine Builder Shop Foreman
Nick Field – Dyno Tuner/Sales
Rick Ford – Shop Manager
Paul Mcgaughy – Fabricator
Daniel Moore – Dyno Technician
Mike Kule – Sales Manager

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