[VIDEO] Houston Mile – Kelly Bise’s Supercharged Z06


[VIDEO] Houston Mile - Kelly Bise's Supercharged Z06

That’s no rookie behind the wheel, but even an experienced driver like Kelly Bise has trouble keeping a supercharged Corvette Z06’s power under control.

In this video from High Tech Corvette, Bise gets his Z06 up to an incredible 160 mph in just a half-mile run at the Houston Mile before he lets up.

But it wasn’t easy. As you watch the video, you’ll see him slide all over the track on his first attempt to keep more than 700 ft-lbs of torque to the ground. He keeps trying to get this monster of a car under control, though, and he finally masters it. Watch the speedometer climb rapidly on the bottom of your screen!

Did we mention that Bise owns and races the World’s Fastest Twin-Turbo Camaro, so he’s no stranger to the track?

We’re wondering just how fast he could get the Corvette to go if he took the full mile?


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