Drive Your Corvette To Work Day is Friday, June 29th!


Drive Your Corvette To Work Day is Friday, June 29th!

One of our favorite days of the year is once again upon us! For the last 12 years, Mid America Motorworks Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager has urged Corvette enthusiasts to drive their Corvettes to work to show the popularity of America’s Sports Car. The annual holiday is always on the Friday closest to June 30th, which of course is the official birthday of the Corvette, and so that makes this Friday, June 29th as the official day to drive your Corvette to work!

Corvette buffs know that it was on June 30, 1953 that the first Corvettes rolled off a temporary assembly line at Chevrolet’s Customer Delivery Center in Flint, Michigan. Since then over 1.5 million Corvettes have been built.

If you work with other Corvette drivers, make a point to meet up and then drive to work together. Talk to your management about securing some “special parking” privileges for the day or at least long enough so you can get that picture to show your pride.

And if you work at home, have the day off or you’re retired, don’t be shy about taking out your Corvette for an errand or a quick cruise. After all, DYCTWD comes only once a year!

Mid America wants see just how many Corvettes will be out on the streets this Friday. Take pictures of your commute or parked at the workplace and post them on Mid America’s Facebook page.

Mid America Motorworks

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