[VIDEO] 2012 NCM Bash Seminar – Engineering the Corvette


[VIDEO] 2012 NCM Bash Seminar - Engineering the Corvette

Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter held this one-hour seminar at the National Corvette Museum’s 2012 Bash called “Engineering the Corvette”. With all the excitement surrounding the up-coming 2014 C7 Corvette, Tadge wanted to take Corvette owners and enthusiasts inside the process. From the halls of GM’s design center to the factory floor in Bowling Green, check out all that goes into revamping an America’s favorite sports car.

While there is no C7 info that came up during the presentation, C6 owners will love this seminar as there are a ton of slides that go back to the development of the 6th generation Corvette which came out in 2005.

It’s sort of amazing to see all the pieces of the puzzle that have to come together to relaunch a car like the Chevy Corvette. What is heartening to know is that Team Corvette gives it there all everyday and I am glad we get the opportunity to talk to and thank the members for their hard work and dedication to the Corvette.

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