[VIDEO] Corvette AdWatch: Listen | Corvette Victory at Le Mans


[VIDEO] Corvette AdWatch: Listen | Corvette Victory at Le Mans

Following the ALMS win at Petit Le Mans last October, Chevy purchased a full page ad in USA Today to celebrate the victory. So we’ve been wondering how Chevrolet would celebrate the #73 Corvette C6.R’s Victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Well this morning, Chevy tweeted out a link to a new commercial on its youtube channel called “Listen | Corvette Victory at Le Mans” which showcases Corvette Racing’s win at the 24 hour race.

Like the recent Corvette television ads Still Building Rockets and Just to be Fair, Listen features Tim Allen doing the voice over. But the real star of the commercial is the sound made by the Corvette’s LS5.5R V8 engine.

So far we don’t have confirmation on where this commercial will air, but we are betting that Barrett-Jackson watchers may see it in rotation on SPEED this weekend. If you catch a sighting of the new commercial, let us know!

Chevrolet’s YouTube Channel

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  1. I stayed up late at night and got up early in the morn ing to watch the in-car Corvette cameras at 2011 Le Mans!! That is how Corvette Racing should be covered!!!

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