[VIDEO] “Chevy Driving Academy” Commercial Features C6 Corvette Coupe


[VIDEO] Chevy Driving Academy Commercial Features C6 Corvette Coupe

Are you man enough to test drive the awesome Chevrolet Corvette C6 Coupe? That’s the premise behind this clever commercial submitted to the Chevrolet Route 66 Film Contest by Ken Walkes and Jason Lansing. This spot was a regional winner for the Chevy Super Bowl contest, which will air an independent film maker’s commercial during the big game this Sunday. Although it wasn’t the winner of the competition, it remains one of our favorites.

The video opens with a man walking up to a female salesperson at a Chevrolet dealer and asks to take test drive. Suddenly, he has burlap bag over his head and he is whisked off to an undisclosed location where he undergoes rigorous training that will prepare him to drive a Chevy.

The tests include “Inversion Therapy”, aerodynamics and our favorite, “Enjoyment Aptitude Tests”. After successfully completing the range of tests, the salesperson/drill instructor announces that he’s ready to one of these…a Crystal Red Metallic C6 Corvette Coupe.

You can see the other commercials submitted to Chevy’s Route 66 Super Bowl contest at chevroletroute66.msn.com as well as the winning commercial featuring a convertible Camaro.

chevroletroute66.msn.com via Corvette Online

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