[VIDEO] Autocar Compares Corvette Grand Sport against Nissan GT-R, Jaguar XKR


[VIDEO] Autocar Compares Corvette Grand Sport against Nissan GT-R, Jaguar XKR

Article contributed by Mitch Talley

For those of you who believe it’s time for the current C6 Corvette to be replaced by the highly anticipated and shrouded-in-secrecy C7 edition, a video test by the British auto magazine Autocar offers plenty of ammunition.

Admittedly, the results were skewed a little since Autocar tested an automatic Grand Sport, the slowest of the 2012 GS lineup, but the competition, a 2012 Nissan GT-R and Jaguar XKR, both were, alas, still considerably faster than the Vette.

Still, video host Vicky Parrott had lots of kind words to say about the Corvette, saying there’s really nothing else like it on the road today.

“Outright pace isn’t the problem with the Grand Sport,” she says. “What is a problem is that despite all its kind of swagger and character that you get from the noise and the looks, which is just brilliant, it still feels outdated particularly in terms of its interior finish and even with the paddle (shifters) and the adaptive suspension that you’ve got in sport and tour modes, it just doesn’t match the best of the European and Japanese rivals.”

Despite the criticism, it’s easy to see that Parrott is a fan of the drama, character, and charm that the Grand Sports delivers, and she points out that if Chevrolet can just modernize the car (in the upcoming C7 edition) and address a few small issues, it’s got a winner on its hands.

The three cars are so different in their personalities, though, that they each have their own particular kinds of owners. It’s hard, for example, to picture a Corvette owner giving up his ride for one of these two competitors, and vice versa, perhaps, no matter the half-mile drag race results.

Autocar via CarBuzz.com

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