[VIDEO] Matt Farah Learns to Drift a Corvette at Bondurant


[VIDEO] Matt Farah Learns to Drift at Bondurant

We can debate all day long on whether the ability to slide your car around corners with the tires spinning and a huge cloud of smoke is a real form of “racing”. But where we will probably find agreement in is that the art of drifting is definitely something that takes a lot of practice to do right. The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah has spent many hours behind the wheel of various autos and even he admitted to not having a clue on how to properly drift. So he headed to the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving where Formula Drift newcomer Corey Hosford was ready for a full day of instruction.

Matt first got behind the wheel of Bondurant’s Cadillac CTS skid car that features adjustable outriggers that allow the instructor the ability to add or take away grip. After getting the basics down on the figure-8 track, Matt progresses to the Bondurant Corvette Grand Sport where he laid down a lot of smoke and rubber with controlled donuts and more figure eights.

After two sets of tires on the Grand Sport, Matt is able to progress to the Bondurant track where he puts it all the knowledge and practice together. As you’ll see in the video, Matt was able to throw the Corvette into long slides around corners and as he puts it, “I successfully drifted!”

Matt’s reward for successfully drifting the Corvette moves him up to the real deal as Corey puts him behind the wheel of his professional drift race car – the KSport Nissan 240z. Following that run, the duo get both the Corvette and the Nissan on the track for running some tandams – two cars drifting together around corners. Pretty cool stuff and it does make for great video.

So after 7 hours of professional instruction and five sets of tires, Matt totally has the basics down and now we expect to see these skills on future episodes of The Smoking Tire.


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