[VIDEO] Watch the Morrison 3G 1960 Corvette in Action at Spring Mountain


[VIDEO] Watch the Morrison 3G 1960 Corvette in action at Spring Mountain

At the SEMA show in 2006, Art Morrison’s project 3G Corvette won the “Gran Turismo Award” which also meant that it would be featured in the Playstation video game “Gran Turismo”. While many fans may have driven the custom 538 horsepower Corvette in the game, Matt Farah headed out to Spring Mountain motorsports park outside of Las Vegas to drive the real thing.

The custom C1 Corvette took over 3,200 hours to build at a cost of $400,000. Built on an Art Morrison custom chassis, the 1960 Corvette resto-mod features a modern suspension, brakes and a 7.0 liter aluminum V8 with 538-horsepower on tap. With a 50/50 front to rear weight distribution and a weight of only 2800 lbs, this custom Corvette really flies on the race track.

The Smoking Tire really knows how to present its unique automotive stories too and in fact, the only people that may do a better job is UK’s Top Gear television show. This video opens with Matt driving the car in Gran Turismo. A dream sequence follows in which Art Morrison hands Matt the keys. The ability to share Matt’s excitement in driving the custom Corvette really makes the video fun to watch. Hats off to Matt and the gang at The Smoking Tire for another great story.

The Smoking Tire

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