SEMA 2011: Glassworks Corvette Hardtop Lift System


SEMA 2011: Glassworks Corvette Top Lift System

The benefit of having an auxiliary hardtop for your roadster is that you can drive your Corvette longer as the weather turns cooler, thereby extending your driving season for an extra couple of months each year. But putting that hardtop on your Corvette, or removing it when the weather turns nice can be a real struggle. You can call the wife out to the garage, go get a neighbor or attempt to do it yourself, but it only takes one careless move to damage the top or worse, the back of your Corvette. So when we saw the Glassworks Lift System at SEMA, we knew we had to spread the word on this innovative product.

Glassworks has been repairing Corvette hardtops for two decades now and they have seen their fair share of tops damaged while owners attempted to put on or remove their tops by themselves.

The Glassworks Lift System is designed to take the hassle and risk out of removing or replacing your top. The lift system gives you the ability to suspend and store your hard top from the hoist system in your garage. Just fasten the lifting straps to your top and press the wireless controller and like magic your top is lifted off your Corvette. When the weather is clear but too cold for having the top off, just drive under the lift, press the button and the top comes down, allowing a single person to easily install the hardtop.

Here is a demo video of the Corvette Hardtop Lift System at SEMA:

The lift system can also be used for jeep tops or truck caps, as well as for lifting and storing other items in your garage or work area. Glassworks told us that the system can currently lift 500 lbs but can be customized for larger applications such as lifting engines and other heavier objects.

The cost of the Glassworks Lift System is $695 and when you think about the time and money this product can save you, we think its well worth it. After all, any product that can help keep your Corvette and hardtop in pristine condition and allow you drive your car more each year sounds like a good deal to us.

For more information on the Glassworks Lift System, contact Glassworks – The Hard Top Shop in Crescent, PA at 877-VET-TOPS or on their website:

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