DVR Alert: Corvette ZR1 to be Featured on Top Gear USA


DVR Alert: Corvette ZR1 to be Featured on Top Gear USA

All right Corvette fans, time to set your DVRs. Top Gear USA just kicked off its second season last week and in Sunday’s episode, Tanner and Adam get to drive two automotive legends: A Corvette ZR1 and a Ferrari 458. The duo decides to have a race to establish supremacy and the Stig shows up in dramatic fashion as Round Two is decided on the Top Gear test track.

Top Gear USA airs on the History Channel on Sunday at 10 pm Eastern. Past episodes can be viewed at

Here is the episode description from History:

In episode two, airing this Sunday, the boys set out to see who had the best first car– by purchasing the same jalopies they drove in high school. If you’re looking for proof that conditioning during adolescence determines adult predilections, look no further than their first cars: Adam drove a Dodge Aries K, beginning his lifelong love affair with vehicles American and often mediocre; Tanner a sporty and foreign Honda CRX; Rutledge poked around in a rare, slow and predictably quirky VW Rabbit diesel pickup. The producers set them a series of challenges employing cock trophies, mini-mes and utter mayhem to somehow test important first-car traits like build quality, drivability and crashworthiness.

Later, Adam and Tanner jump behind the wheels of the automotive legends they dreamed of driving at 16 years old: A Corvette and a Ferrari. Adam takes large gulps of the ZR1′s 638 supercharged horsepower while Tanner meditates about all that is right with the Ferrari 458 – everything – before the two decide that like all schoolyard rivalries, a race is required to establish supremacy. To make things fair, round two is decided on the Top Gear test track by none other than a dramatically-arriving Stig.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Rick Harrison from History’s hit TV show Pawn Stars sit down with Rutledge to discuss the machinery that has wheeled through their shop and lives in Las Vegas. Next we see whether their fast talking translates to fast driving when they hit the Top Gear track for what the ‘Mericans like to call Big Star, Small Car, featuring the modest talents of a Suzuki SX4.


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