Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High Gear


Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High Gear

At the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, Executive Director Wendell Strode announced that the NCM’s Motorsports Park project was again moving forward after the board voted to acquire an additional 92 acres to add to their existing 70 acre parcel. The project will now be divided into Stages with Stage 1 being the construction of a two mile “west” road course and an autocross/skid pad.

The announcement came Friday evening as the Museum hosted donors who have given $1,000 or more to the the NCM.

Special guest at the Friday banquet included Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan, #3 crew chief Dan Binks and driver Tommy Milner. Doug is especially fired up about the project and gave a moving speech on how important enthusiasts are for both the Museum and the Corvette brand. Fehan calls the Motorsports Park “the final jewel in the crown that is Corvette.” He added “nobody has a museum funded by the people who buy the car, love the car, have a passion for the car.”

That speech inspired several in the audience to come forward with contributions of $15,000 for the “One Acre Club” and by the end of the evening, a total of six more acres were committed. Making the commitment for acres were Larry and Peggy Martin of Louisville, KY., Jack and Doris DeLong of Huntingdon Valley, PA., Andy Guinn of Douglassville, TX., Wendell and Jan Strode of Bowling Green, KY., Steve and Debbie Uhrig of Arcanum, OH., and Wayne and P.J. Ray, from Roswell, GA

“We’re so thrilled with the support and enthusiasm for our project,” said Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode. “In a tough economy, it means a lot to have so many Museum and motorsports supporters step up to the plate.” “Rather than hold up the entire project, hoping for major sponsorships to cover the initial $35 million project, we decided to break it into smaller, more achievable phases so that motorsports enthusiasts could begin enjoying portions of the park in the near future,” added Strode.

Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High GearCorvette Museum's Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High GearCorvette Museum's Motorsports Park Project Kicked into High Gear

Phase 2 will include a ¼ mile drag strip, followed by an “east” road course, karting track and separate autocross / skidpad area in future phases.

It’s important for Corvette owners and enthusiasts get behind this project: Owner track events to a high performance driving school for new owners, automotive press demonstrations and a dedicated practice facility for Corvette Racing are just some of the planned uses. There are just too many benefits to having our own track that we can no longer afford to let this project languish.

If you would like to donate any amount to the project – $10, $50 or $100 – please click here to use the NCM’s donation form.

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