[VIDEO] Johnny O’Connell’s Debut in the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Racer


[VIDEO] Johnny O'Connell's Debut in the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Racer

It’s not often that I’ll talk up a car that’s not a Corvette, but after watching Cadillac’s return to the SCCA World Challenge with their CTS-V Coupe Racers with Corvette Racing alumni Andy Pilgrim and Johnny O’Connell behind the wheel, I became a fan real fast. After Round 1’s race on Saturday which resulted in a 4th place finish for O’Connell, we sat down with the former C6.R driver to discuss his leaving Corvette Racing for Cadillac, the Cadillac CTS-V racer and his future racing plans.

There are a lot of similarities between the CTS-V Coupe Racer and the Corvette Racing program. Pratt and Miller fields both teams for General Motors so there was a very familiar feel when down at the team’s paddock. And of course there are the people too like Andy Pilgrim, Johnny O’Connell, crew chief Mike West and some others that we’ve seen over the years working on the C6.Rs.

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The World Challenge races are exciting with the standing start and the 50-minute sprint format. And if you’re not down with following anything but a Corvette, there were three C6 race cars entered in this weekends races including the The Speed Business Blackdog Racing C6 with Tony Gables.

The fact that American Le Mans Racing will be harder for some fans to follow due to the new television package may just bring in some new viewers to the World Challenge’s Sports Car Wars telecasts on Versus. I know I’ll be watching!

Johnny O’Connell Makes Transition from Corvette Racing to Team Cadillac
Johnny O’Connell Reassigned to SCCA World Challenge GT Series



  1. Hey “Johnny Red”………. You now have a new set of wheels, but you know, you will be missed at the ALMS races. But keep in mind that you are in the minds and hearts of all your friends and loyal C6R fans. You will do well once the Caddie is all sorted and under full power. Vicki and I will try to catch up with you at one of your WC races. WE wish you all the greatest success in the NEW endeavor. As I always say, “Drive it like you stole it ”
    Stay well my friend.
    El Presidente

  2. Johnny “avec cheveux rouge”….Pauline says hi. She remembers your fun talk before Sunday’s GT race at the ‘start’ parlay with fans…CONGRATULATIONS !!!

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