[VIDEO] Southern Car Parts Becomes an Akrapovic Exhaust Dealer


[VIDEO] Southern Car Parts Becomes an Akrapovic Exhaust Dealer

According to the 2009 SEMA Corvette owners study, we learned one of the first aftermarket changes made to Corvettes usually involves the exhaust system. Recently, we’ve been hearing about a new player in the high end market named Akrapovic and thought a closer look (and listen!) was in order.

Akrapovic Exhaust systems are manufactured in Slovenia and imported by our friends at Southern Car Parts. Built in lightweight titanium or stainless steel with your choice of titanium or carbon fiber tips, Akrapovic has engineered their exhaust systems for Corvette Z06s and ZR1s. The exhaust note is unbelievable while still retaining the dual-mode functionality.

The additional HP gained is estimated to be 13.5 hp with the Akrapovic Slip-On system for the Z06. The titanium system also provides a 20%-30% weight savings over stainless steel and even more weight savings when compared to steel.

In addition to that sound, what I really like is that Akrapovic allows Corvette owners to keep the dual mode exhaust set up which operates a set of butterfly valves that open and close the outside pipes. It’s also compatible with Mild to Wild and other bi-modal switches that allow you turn off and on the butterfly valves.

Southern Car Parts had a ton of pictures and a couple other videos of the Akrapovic Exhaust System. Check em out and make sure you tell them CorvetteBlogger sent you!

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