NCM Raffle: 2011 Supersonic Blue Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition


2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition

Serial #003 of Chevrolet’s new 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition will be raffled tomorrow by the National Corvette Museum at 2pm Central. Tickets are $300 each and the raffle is limited to just 1,000 tickets. As of Tuesday, only 324 tickets have been sold.

Serial #001 was purchased by Rick Hendrick at last year’s Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction for $270,000. But since that initial buzz, things have quieted somewhat for what GM calls its “most trackable” Corvette Z06.

In its promotional mailing about this raffle, the NCM says that production of the Carbon Edition Z06 is now expected to begin in March. This is at least third delay in retail production since the introduction of the special edition at 2010’s 12 Hours of Sebring. The NCM also claims that Chevrolet is anticipating even fewer of the planned 500 cars to actually be produced. Truthfully, that was sort of expected as Corvette sales have slowed as the US economy has struggled to recover from the recession. Like the 2009 ALMS GT1 Championship Edition that was slated for 600 units but only 125 were built, sales of the Z06 Carbon Edition will probably not reach the goal of 500 units either.

When the Carbon Edition finally goes on sale, look for the MSRP to be at $90,960 or $99,925 fully loaded. With that price, spending $300 on a 1 in 1,000 chance (or less depending on ticket sales) seems like some pretty good odds and best of all, the raffle helps support the National Corvette Museum. Check out the NCM’s Corvette raffle page for more details on the 2011 Carbon Z06 as well as the other planned offerings coming soon.

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