[VIDEO] The Rossi SixtySix Corvette Visits Jay Leno’s Garage


[VIDEO] The Rossi SixtySix Corvette Visits Jay Leno's Garage

The Rossi SixtySix and its designer David R paid a visit to Jay Leno’s garage for some quality time with the late night host. Longtime readers of CorvetteBlogger know of our affection for the retro-looking rebodied C6 that the Rossi SixtySix inspires. But now the SixtySix’s first real test comes from a passionate Corvette enthusiast whose collection focuses more on later model performance than classic midyear fiberglass.

Jay does a walk-around the SixtySix, examining the curves of the new panels and comments on how well the Rossi appears to be put together based on the panel gaps. Finally, Leno gets the Rossi SixtySix out on the open road for the car’s first recorded road test and judging from his comments, Jay’s impressed with the cars construction as well as the “thumbs up” coming from fellow commuters who dig the retro Corvette look.

The Rossi SixtySix is available for around $130,000 which includes the price of the donor C6 Corvette. The entire transformation process only takes about five days with the major work coming outside the car. Other than some minor upgrades and badging to keep with the retro-theme, the stock Corvette’s interior is pretty much left untouched during the build.

For those interested in the look of a retro-bodied C6, the Rossi is one of the most impressive looking cars out of the gate and remains one of our favorites. Check out more at PureRossi.com

Jay Leno’s Garage

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