What Have You Hauled In, On or With Your Corvette?


C4 Corvette Gets Luggage Rack Upgrade

Admit it. Most of us that drive our Corvettes regularly have had the experience of having to transport a bulky item and your Corvette is the only car available. Others choose to do by towing campers or small trailers. I came across this enterprising owner this weekend traveling south on I75 in Ocala, Florida with a solution to storage space or lack thereof in an early C4 Corvette. The best part of this solution? He was doing an easy 80 mph and the heavy traffic was no problem for the less than aerodynamic Greenwood-kitted Corvette.

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  1. c3 owner,… guilty as charged… some day ill get around to buying that truck, if my c3 would stop monopolizing my funds!

  2. I am a Home Depot enthusiast who needed some concrete for landscaping. I picked up 11 bags of conrete mix. That’s 930lbs plus myself in a C5. The young man who helped me told me that I could barrow his truck if he could borrow my C5. No luck, 3 bags in the passenger seat and the rest in the back. The young man did say as I was leaving, that’s the best looking pickup I have ever seen.

  3. A friend and I went to Mid-Ohio last years and camp for the weekend. In the 99 Fixed Roof Coupe, We stuffed the following: 6ft sq. 3 person tent. 10’x10′ popup canopy, 2 sleeping bags, 2 fold out chairs, 2, Duffle bags, 2 backpacks, 1 camera bag, 12 gallon cooler. And 2 Corvette Racing fans.

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