[VIDEO] A Corvette Racer’s Scary Moment at Hallet Raceway


[VIDEO] A Corvette Racer's Scary Moment at Hallet Raceway

Check out this scary moment for a convertible C5 Corvette driver who was participating at the NASA TT event at Hallet Raceway in Jennings, Oklahoma last weekend. One of the curves at Hallet is know as “The Bitch” and the Corvette driver found out the hard way just what a bitch that corner can be.

The crash wasn’t that serious though and the driver only missed one session while copius amounts of duct tape were applied.

Here are the comments from the driver following the crash:

Both the car and track safety equipment worked well. I was not hurt and, surprisingly, the car was back on track for the 4th session that day!

Many thanks to the Hallet crew. Their “air fence” is amazing, it seemed like the safety crew was there before I stopped moving, and the race shop even offered to stay open late that night to help me with the car!


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