Corvette Fever to Cease Publication; Merge with Vette Magazine


Corvette Fever to Cease Publication; Merge with Vette Magazine

As a 15+ year subscriber to Corvette Fever magazine, I was surprised (although not shocked) when I recently heard that the magazine was being merged with Vette magazine and would cease publication. Both magazines are owned by Source Interlink who also publishes Motor Trend and Hot Rod Magazine. In recent years the quality of the magazine has suffered, partly due to the economic realities of competition that magazines have with the internet as well as the company having two similar publications.

So we called the local offices of Source Interlink and they told us that Corvette Fever’s last stand-alone issue would be October 2010 and then the content would be merged with Vette Magazine for the November 2010 issue. If you are a subscriber, you will then start receiving Vette for the remainder of your subscription term.

For the November 2010 issue, Vette will be getting a makeover. A slightly larger format with a higher quality of paper is expected which should put the magazine on par with the quality of its competitors, Corvette Magazine and Corvette Enthusiast.

As a longtime subscriber to Corvette Fever, I am willing to give Vette a shot. But with a marketplace full of magazines competing against the blogs and internet forums, they will have to offer a unique perspective to the Corvette hobby if they want me to renew my subscription.

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  1. I subscribe to both so I’m sad to see one less Corvette publication.
    I like reading Jay Heath from VETTE.
    Corvette Fever’s tech Q&A is far superior.
    I look forward to VETTE’s last page “Illustrated Corvette”
    I guess I’ll be saving some money if the subscription doesn’t go up X2.

  2. About time, really. I have been suggesting this (on other forums) for the last 5 years. The two mags were doing nothing to help themselves; if anything, they were diluting the content.

  3. I stopped subsribing to both after many years, and within a year or two of even having a “feature” article accepted and published, after meeting Corvette Fever execs at Carlisle. With the merger, I missed the steady technical articles written in every issue of Corvette Fever for each Corvette series, ie. “C5”, etc. In my opinion, Corvette Fever had a much better “eye appeal” to the reader, both inside and on its covers.

  4. I used to work for Dobbs Publishing, the original publisher of Corvette Fever. I know I’m late to this post but sad to see Corvette Fever is no longer published. I got curious since I’m sitting in the cafe at the National Corvette Museum. I had the privilege of being on the cover of the April 1993 issue, since the production department liked to use its own as models sometimes.

  5. Hi Vicki. I am looking at my copy of April 1993. I remember when this came in the mail. You’re still looking good I bet.
    Time fly’s too fast.
    I have a few years of Corvette Fever subscriptions if anyone is interested.
    Thanks from Canada

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