[VIDEO] Lingenfelter Corvette ZR1 Runs 9.81 @ 145.74 mph


Lingenfelter had their Corvette ZR1 test mule making quarter mile passes at Maryland International Raceway on December 7th and during one of the runs, the Corvette ran 9.81 @ 145.74 mph. This is believed to be the first Corvette ZR1 to see the 9’s on a quarter mile run.

Here is what was modified to make the ZR1 a sub-10 sec car:

“Car is running a stock 3.42 rear diff. Factory halfshafts. 2.66 Z06 gearset that has been micropolished, courtesy of RPM transmissions. Stock ZR1 clutch. Stock suspension. Our larger supercharger inlet is utilized, and will be available soon. Larger intercooler. Stock engine with stock internals. Lingenfelter upper pulley kit along with lower overdrive damper completes the run down of what we have done with this car.”

Here is another run from that day resulting in a 9.93 @ 144.73 mph. To give you some frame of reference as to what kind of increase Lingenfelter is getting with their modifications, the fastest bone-stock Corvette ZR1 quarter mile time is 10.851 @ 129.89 MPH.

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[VIDEO] Bone Stock Corvette ZR1 Runs 10.851 @ 129.89 MPH