[VIDEO] Eight 2009 Corvette ZR1’s Spotted in Bowling Green


Imagine spending a day at the National Corvette Museum, soaking up the lore that is the Chevrolet Corvette. Stopping by the Wendy’s across the road from the Corvette Assembly Plant, you spot eight colorful C6 Corvettes. On closer inspection you realize that these aren’t just ordinary Corvettes (no such thing!) but the new 2009 Corvette ZR1s. That happened yesterday to YouTube user Blade3562 and he created the following video slideshow:

Comments from Blade3562:

I saw these guys today when i went to the Corvette Plant. this is not fake in any way shape or form, these cars were seen at the Wendys across the road from the Corvette Plant before they left for Michigan.

Each of the Corvettes were numbered and the count was: 3 Red, 3 Yellow and 1 Blue. Corvette #6 was not seen in the video. Included in the group appears to be the Corvette ZR1 mule that ran at Monterey last October. We are making that assumption based on the camo hood cover. We had heard that several preproduction Corvette ZR1s were being built and in all likelihood they will be used for further testing.


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