Terry’s Corvette B-List: The Affordables


1955 Corvette in Harvest Gold

Last week Terry Michaelis of Proteam Corvettes shared his Corvette A list. This was his top 10 Corvettes to buy if money was no object. Those 10 Corvettes represented the rarest of the rare, from a 1963 Grand Sport to a 1971 LS6. This week, Terry brings us his B-List: The Affordables. This list contains 15 of the most collectible Corvettes that are still in reach for most collectors. With Barrett-Jackson happening this week it’s possible that Proteam could be shipping back to Ohio several Corvettes on this list.

Terry’s Corvette B-List

1955 V-8
700 produced (7 Blue Flame Six; 693 with V-8’s) • values $125K to $350K
1957 Fuelie
1,040 produced (RPO-684 HD racing suspension, 51 produced; RPO-579E air box, 43 produced) • value $250K up on the RPO-684/579E
1958-’62 Fuelies
RPO 684 + RPO 687 HD brakes + suspension; 884 produced in all 5 years/177 per year • value $150K up (1958 RPO-684 are very special and more expensive)
1958-’61 Dual Four
245 hp and 270 hp • value $100K up
1963 Fuelie Split Window
1,300 prox. produced • value $100K up
1965 Fuelie
last year fuelie (771 produced) • value $100K up
1965 396-425 hp
first/last year for the 396 (only 2,157 produced) • value $100K up (M-22 adds $150K to $250K)
1966 427-425 hp
5,258 produced • #2 in top 40 fastest muscle car list • value $100K up • 15 M-22 produced (adds $150K to $250K)
1967 435 hp
3,754 produced (popular then/popular now) • colors & documentation is important & rare • value $150K up
1963-’67 Tanker
63 ’63’s produced, 38 ’64’s produced, 41 ’65’s produced, 66 ’66’s produced, 2 ’67’s produced • values range $125K up • ’63’s are hot and just try to find a ‘67 (probably $500K to $1 million)
1967 400 hp/air/convt.
colors & documentation is important • value $150K up
1968/69 L-89
624 1968’s/390 1969’s produced with aluminum head option • value $150k up
1970 LT-1
1,287 produced • value $60K up
1971 LT-1
1,949 produced • value $60K up
1972 LT-1
1,741 produced • value $60K up • add air and price soars especially convertibles (less than 50)


  1. must be the real deal… not fakes or frauds
  2. Colors (Black) adds a lot… must be factory original body/trim tag
  3. Original documentation, history, and Bloomington/NCRS show awards adds a lot
  4. Original rare options adds a lot (set of Kelsey bolt-on wheels & red stripe tires sold on eBay in ‘06 for $33K)
  5. Original, unrestored in excellent condition adds a lot.
  6. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). We are adrift in a sea of sharks disguised as mermaids.
  7. When it is time to sell… be a smart seller. High-profile events like the Barrett-Jackson and Mecum Muscle Car auctions will get you more money for your car than newspaper and trade publication advertisements. Plan ahead if you’re considering selling your baby: seek good lot numbers (pay a premium if you must) and baby-sit your car during the event to answer questions and show pride in your car – it is a reflection of you, and people simply pay more if they like the seller.
  8. A-E Equals an overall package and desirables.

Do you see anything here you would like in your garage? Leave a Comment (below) and let us know.

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