Corvette ZR1 Unveiled to Corvette Museum Members


Last Saturday at the Detroit Auto Show, the National Corvette Museum revealed the new Corvette ZR1 to a select group of members. We were unable to attend the event, but one of our friends and regular readers, 16-year old Justin Society was there and offered to share his experience and a couple photos of the event. Justin’s enthusiasm for Corvette is infectious and the hobby should be thankful when a young man takes an interest in Corvette the way Justin has.

The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Revealed! The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Revealed! The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Revealed!

From the Summerset Hotel, four greyhound buses picked up approximately 150 to 200 NCM members. Everyone felt like the bus ride took forever, our looking forward to seeing the ZR1 was definitely the cause. When we arrived at the Cobo center we were given tickets and then waited in the lobby. We soon proceeded to walk through the desolate show floor where the covered Lambo’s and new R8 were held. As we made our way through the Dodge environment, NCM members took a minute to stare at the Viper and think how badly the ZR1 will outperform their leviathan.

When the NCM members entered the GM territory we saw a small blanketed shape in the Chevrolet portion, we all started walking faster to see the Corvette Team who was standing next to the car. Harlen Charles, Kirk Bennian and Tom Wallace were some of many representatives from GM who were standing by.

We experienced a 40 minute presentation by Harlen Charles, Kirk Bennian and Tom Wallace and then after the presentation anyone on the Corvette staff was open to any questions.

I personally asked questions to Harlen Charles and Kirk Bennian and they were happy to answer them. I was assured of a Corvette design that kept traditional but pushed the envelope a little bit further, especially in efficiency in aerodynamics. Harlen also acknowledged that Corvette may go on a diet but it would still remain competitive with its main competition and would not make too many sacrifices that would jeopardize its world class performance. He did not say so but he seemed very confident that the C6 has a little more life left in it.

The convention was starting to open to the public and people slowly started trickling into the ZR1 area. Some were amazed to see a group with matching shirts and the more Corvette savvy individuals were even more amazed to see Tom Wallace talking to people.

Thanks again Justin for sharing your NCM experience at the Detroit Auto Show.

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