Auction Results: [VIDEO] 1953 Corvette Sold for $261,800


Cool weather and an occasional shower were not enough to slow down the buyers from coming out to Mecum’s High Performance Auction this weekend in Kissimmee Florida. One of the star cars of the auction was this 1953 Corvette, serial #112. This Corvette was previously offered in 2007 and was the only no-sale out of the eight 1953 Corvettes we saw at auctions last year. At the Mecum’s High Performance Auction in St. Charles back in October it received a high-bid of $225,000.

Serial #112 appears to be the real deal. Featuring matching numbers and the owner’s history, this Corvette spent most of its life in Northern Indiana in St. Joseph County. It comes optioned with powerglide transmission, wonderbar radio, emergency brake warning light, windshield washers, courtesy lights, heater, hubcaps and 6.70×15″ wide white tires.

At the Kissimmee Auction, a high bid from Terry Michaelis of Proteam Corvette for $238,000 was enough to sell the Corvette this time around as it was reserved up to $235,000. Total price for the first-year Corvette after the 10% buyers commission was $261,800. UPDATE: When Mecum published the official results from the Kissimmee auction, this 1953’s price with sales commission was listed as $249,900.

Just a quick note about my experience at the Mecum auction. I’ve been going to the Kissimmee auctions for about 10 years now since it was paired up with the NCRS winter regional. It’s amazing how big this auction has become. Huge tents everywhere keep the Corvettes and other muscle cars cool and dry in case of inclement weather. Plenty of seating is availble for non-bidders and this year’s auction featured a couple of bars. Vendors are on the ground and there were plenty of choices for food. Mecum really puts on a great auction and if you enjoyed watching the Barrett-Jackson auction on TV, then you owe it to yourself to get out and see one of these large multi-car auctions live.

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