[VIDEO] A Look at Keith Martin’s Corvette Insider’s Seminar


Keith Martin’s Corvette Market magazine held a self-described Insider’s Seminar where he and a panel of Corvette expert’s discussed the Corvette Market and its trends from yesterday, today and tomorrow. The seminar was held at the Russo and Steele event on January 18th in Scottsdale. Here is a brief video which shows the panel discussing the Corvette market with the question on the table being “What Corvette would you buy for $100,000?”

So the question now goes to you. Given $100,000, what Corvette(s) would you buy? Leave your answer in the Comments area and we may just send one commenter a free 2008 Corvette Price Guide.

Corvette Market via AP Insights

Corvette Market’s C3 Find, Buy & Drive Adventure

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  1. Gary:

    Good call on ZR1. I also think some of the small block midyears have room for growth, especially those with some sought after options like AC or the special suspension/brake packages.


  2. It’s really hard not to say the new ZR1. I’ll just have to pretend I’m driving the ZR1 while driving my Z51 C6- at least the view out the windshield is similar. While I’ve grown up around mid years in this instance I’m going to use my 100K and by two cars: I would hunt down a clean ’69 convertible and an early 454 shark. Yes- I am a sucker at the gas pump.

  3. If I was given $100,000 I would deffinately get a 63 Corvette(which is pushing the whole 100,000 but I could get lucky, you never know) with the split window, and I would stuggle in deciding between my favorite body style the 79-82(not my favorite running wise, but I have to appreciate the beauty of the car itself) and, the 68-69 L88 with approximately 550 horsepower 460 lbs. of torque. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

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