2007 Z06 Corvette MSRP Increases Nearly $3K


Corvette Window StickerWord on the street is that the MSRP for the 2007 Z06 Corvette has been increased from $66,465 to $69,175 for the base model that includes the 1LZ package. With the 2LZ package, MSRP rises to $73,485. I was just on Corvette.com and the lower prices are still listed, but visits to both DigitalCorvettes.com and CorvetteForum.com have comments from Dealers confirming the price change. Z06 buyers on the forums who have order numbers have been calling their dealers to inquire about the price increase are also being told that its true. Rick Conti gives this advice to those with deposits: Look at your GM order sheet. If it has your name and address as the customer, then you should be price protected. If not, call your dealer immediately. The Z06 is still a fantastic bargain for the price, and adding an additional 5% to the cost of the car will do little to slowdown the enthusiasm Corvette buyers have for it. The increase probably has very little to do with demand and more to do with covering the manufacturing costs due to increased energy costs. Sadly, this increase will do little to stop the stem of gouging by certain dealers. Check out this window sticker from a dealer in Washington that added a $29,995 Adjusted Markup Value to the cost of a Z06 making the total $102,785! Wonder what his cost will be once the Blue Devil/Stingray arrives! Source: CorvetteForum.com | DigitalCorvettes.com | Corvette.com
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