Corvettes For Sale Down Under?


Thanks to the success of the C6 in foreign markets, especially Europe and Japan, the Corvette may be sold directly in Australia. This year, 400 Corvettes were sent to Japan which was expected to account for their entire yearly allocation. They sold out in a month. And in Europe, Corvette has sold three times the number of Corvettes in 2005 than in 2004. GM already has a presence in Australia with the Holden and is in the process of establishing distribution for Cadillac and Hummer. Corvette could possibly be sold at select Holden dealers. So will the Corvette be modified for Right Hand Drive? GM’s Bob Lutz says no with the current C6 model, but the C7 should be designed for both markets. Lutz said “With the next iteration of Corvette we really need to look at right-hand drive seriously. There is clearly a demand there, if we get the car right, as the latest model has shown.” “That way you get the economies of scale and all the development is done at the same time. The Corvette is one of GM’s treasured products, so we should make the most of it.” While the C6 has been for sale for two years, Lutz says GM is considering introducing the C7 model “sooner rather than later”. The C5 Corvette had a nine year life-span but GM may cut the C6’s life to five years, which would mean the new model could be available in 2009. Source:
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