1953 Corvette Stamp


The U.S. Postal Service hopes you’ll park a ’53 Corvette and four other classic cars on an envelope near you.

The post office is releasing five commemorative stamps featuring the sporty look of American cars designed in the 1950s: a 1952 Nash Healey, a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1953 Studebaker Starliner, a 1954 Kaiser Darrin and a 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

The stamps will be dedicated Saturday in Detroit. They will be available nationwide beginning Sunday.

“Referring to photographs of each car and his own cache of landscape images for the stamp backgrounds, artist Art Fitzpatrick has rendered each stamp in meticulous detail,” the post office said in a news release.

Fitzpatrick is a former car designer and a long-time advertising designer and illustrator for General Motors. Some of the stamps were modeled after cars in existence today.

The collection is called “America on the Move: 50’s Sporty Cars.”