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[VIDEO] Aftermath of the Chrysler SRT8/Corvette ZR1 Fail

Remember that video we showed of the Torch Red Corvette ZR1 taking out a Chrysler 300 SRT8 on a California freeway last week? Here is the second installment of that crash that tells us how the occupants of the Chrysler went from yelling “WTF! WTF! R U KIDDING ME?!?!” to actually laughing about the incident afterwards with the owner of ZR1.

[FAIL] Corvette ZR1 Hits a Chrysler 300 SRT8

There is a reason that Chevy offers the FREE two day driving school for anyone who buys a new Corvette ZR1. With 638 supercharged horses, it can be a handful for the uninitiated. As a PSA for all new Corvette ZR1 drivers on why its important to take advantage of the school, check out this video after the jump. Fair warning though, the dudes in the Chrysler are very unimpressed with the driver of the ZR1 and both let a few choice words fly.

Grand Sport Corvette Destroyed in Lodi DUI Crash

A woman suspected of driving her Corvette under the influence caused a major accident in Lodi, California over the weekend. In the early morning hours of July 17, the unidentified woman was driving a 2011 Velocity Yellow Corvette Grand Sport Convertible at over 90 miles per hour when she broadsided a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville at the intersection of Lower Sacramento Road and Kettleman Lane/Highway 12.

[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's C6.Rs Crash at Lime Rock

The Yellow and Black Corvette factory racers were only 20 minutes into the 2 hour 45 minute shootout at the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock when contact between an LMPC prototype and one of the Extreme Speed Ferraris caused a chain reaction which collected the #4 and #3 Corvettes and the #55 BMW. Both Corvettes were damaged and by the time repairs were completed, both cars were out of contention and 15-20 laps off the leader.

[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Gets Beat Down By Police Responding to Domestic Violence Call
Photo credit: James Carbone

At first glance you might think the Corvette’s driver was doing something stupid and the end result was this damaged car. Our Corvette accidents category is filled with similar tales. That wasn’t the case here as this C4 Corvette was just tending to his own business when he became tangled up in three car incident on Long Island.

[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Hits Tree, Lands on Home's Front Porch

KMBC in Kansas City had this report about a Corvette that crashed into a house. The Corvette’s driver apparently was running from a routine police stop. After turning onto a small back road off Highway 150, the driver lost control and hit a tree which launched the Corvette airborne. Police found the wrecked Corvette on the front porch of a home.

[ACCIDENTS] Cellphone-Talking Corvette Driver Gets Under a Dodge Neon

This “head-turning” traffic accident in El Cajon, California caught our attention as the picture shows the rear-ending of Dodge Neon by an Arctic White C6 Corvette with the Neon actually coming to rest on the hood of America’s favorite sports car. No one was injured in the accident which was allegedly caused by the Corvette driver talking on a cell phone.