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Creepy Guy in a Corvette chased from Elementary School, Crashes into Five Police Cars

It was a busy Friday morning for 31-year old Joseph Ciambriello according the police in Lindenhurst, New York.

The man was first accused of creeping around an elementary school in the early morning hours. When school officials confronted Ciambriello, he told them he was a member of the CIA and then he fled in his black C6 Corvette. The school got his license plate and called in the security threat to police, who caught up with Ciambriello a short time later.

Drunk Driver Crashes Into New Corvettes at a Miami Chevy Dealer

We often like to remind our readers about things that you shouldn’t do in your Corvette and driving while intoxicated is at the top of the list. Although it wasn’t a drunk Corvette driver that hit these new Corvettes at a Miami area Chevrolet dealer, you can see the carnage that can result to innocent people and property as a result of making the decision to drive while impaired.

[VIDEO] Corvette Crashes During Autocross Event

Autocrossing your Corvette is great way to have some fun in your car in a safe and controlled environment. Most courses are laid out to keep speeds down and drivers rely on technique to complete the course. But just because speeds are lower than other track events doesn’t mean that one wrong move can come back to bite you as one Corvette driver found out at the Speed Ventures autocross event.