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Drunk Driver Crashes Into New Corvettes at a Miami Chevy Dealer

We often like to remind our readers about things that you shouldn’t do in your Corvette and driving while intoxicated is at the top of the list. Although it wasn’t a drunk Corvette driver that hit these new Corvettes at a Miami area Chevrolet dealer, you can see the carnage that can result to innocent people and property as a result of making the decision to drive while impaired.

[VIDEO] Corvette Crashes During Autocross Event

Autocrossing your Corvette is great way to have some fun in your car in a safe and controlled environment. Most courses are laid out to keep speeds down and drivers rely on technique to complete the course. But just because speeds are lower than other track events doesn’t mean that one wrong move can come back to bite you as one Corvette driver found out at the Speed Ventures autocross event.

[VIDEO] Corvettes Crash During Street Race; Warrants Issued

Apparently this video went viral while I was incommunicado over the Thanksgiving holiday. Two Silver Corvettes, a C6 and C5, were lined up at a stop light in the Houston neighborhood of The Woodlands. The motorist behind the duo gets a bad feeling about what is going to happen when the lights go green and starts filming. Sure enough, the race ends badly for both drivers and cars and now police have issued warrants for their arrest.

Over 100 Salvage Corvettes Heading to the Auction Block

If your looking for a project C3 or C4 Corvette, check out this auction of over 100 salvage Corvettes that will be sold on Saturday in Forest City, North Carolina. Whittington Auction and Appraisal is handling the gavel duties for this collection of mostly insurance salvage Corvettes and parts. The sale is actually the first of two auctions with the second part dealing with thousands of used original Corvette parts.

Corvette Z06 is one of eight cars involved in Huge Nurburgring Crash

A huge crash on the famous Nurburgring over the weekend collected eight cars including a “rented” Corvette Z06. The accident occurred on the portion of the ‘ring known as the “Bergwerk” section and from various reports, we believe the cause was likely due to a construction zone that failed to give drivers enough warning to slow down. Regardless, the accident left seven of eight cars undrivable and one of the drivers in critical condition.

[VIDEO] Aftermath of the Chrysler SRT8/Corvette ZR1 Fail

Remember that video we showed of the Torch Red Corvette ZR1 taking out a Chrysler 300 SRT8 on a California freeway last week? Here is the second installment of that crash that tells us how the occupants of the Chrysler went from yelling “WTF! WTF! R U KIDDING ME?!?!” to actually laughing about the incident afterwards with the owner of ZR1.