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[GALLERY] Midyear Monday (37 Corvette photos)

Monday’s typically blow, but we like to look at the day as the start of seven days to present our readers with Corvette news, stories, pictures and more. To that end, here is our weekly kick-off gallery we like to call Midyear Monday. This photo gallery featuring 40 Corvette photos is our salute to the “C2” Corvettes produced between 1963-1967.

What’s your favorite Corvette in this week’s gallery? Let us know and be sure to share this page on Twitter and Facebook.

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Corvette Museum Has Appealed the $100 Noise Fine for the NCM Motorsports Park

Here’s the latest on the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park’s efforts to come up with a way to appease nearby residents who have been complaining about excessive noise levels created by vehicles at the park.

The NCM was scheduled to present a 38-page noise reduction and monitoring plan to the Warren County City-County Planning Commission on Oct. 1. That meeting was postponed until Oct. 15.

In the meantime, though, new developments have occurred, according to the Bowling Green Daily News.

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Week of October 11th

Each week, Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvette Stingrays and Z06s to his customers who come from all parts of the country to work with the nation’s top Corvette seller.

In this week’s dispatch, Mike catches up and presents us with many deliveries photos taken over the last two weeks. There are some great looking color combinations and we see some great shots of the new Long Beach Red that is now headed out to customers.

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Join Kerbeck Corvette on Saturday for 12th Annual Toys for Tots Corvette Run

Kerbeck Corvette’s 12th Annual Atlantic City Toys for Tots Corvette Run was initially scheduled for last week but due to the stormy weather it was rescheduled for Saturday, October 10th. Well that’s tomorrow! So load up your Corvette with some new, unwrapped toys and come join the caravan from Farley Plaza rest area on the Atlantic City Expressway (mile marker 20) or meet the group at Bader Field Airport. The caravan will leave Farley Plaza at 12 noon.

[VIDEO] Jimmie Johnson and His 1971 SEMA Corvette Visit Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno is back on prime-time TV with Jay Leno’s Garage – his new 1-hour show aired Wednesday evening at 10 pm on CNBC. It’s everything we love about Jay and his cars so go now and set your DVR for the show.

If you missed the show, there was a great piece that aired towards the end with a custom Corvette and a certain NASCAR driver you might be familiar with!

Cruise-In to Callaway Cars this Saturday for an Open House

In case you haven’t heard, Callaway Cars will be hosting a Callaway “cruise-in” / open house at its corporate facility in Old Lyme, Conn., this Saturday, Oct. 10.

If you’d like to drive your Callaway Corvette to the big event, we suggest you contact the folks up there immediately as they are asking participants to RSVP so they can make sure there is enough special parking on-site for owners.