Corvette Lifestyles

Corvette Lifestyles

[VIDEO] Man Teaches Daughter How To Do Donuts in a Corvette ZHZ

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This video is awesome on so many levels. First, the lure of hooning a rented car is strong motivation enough, but when...

[PICS] The Dragon Vette Continues its Evolution

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Remember the world's worst custom painted Corvette, the Dragon Vette? Apparently it has undergone several more transformations and is now Atomic Orange...

Corvettes on Craiglist: Trade a 1979 Corvette for 3 Super Bowl Tickets

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File photo from A man from the village of Greendale in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin (it's a village, not a town) is looking for...

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Photo Credit: Vette Magazine The first American guru of fitness Jack LaLanne passed away over the weekend. He was 96 years old. ...

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Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1973 Corvette to be Auctioned for Chip Miller Charitable Foundation

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Article Contributed by Steve Burns Next up in our preview of Barrett-Jackson Corvettes is Lot # 413, a red 1973 Coupe being sold for...

1958 Corvette Barn Car is Christmas Day Gift for Restorer

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The owner of this 1958 Corvette had the typical dream to restore this C1 straight axle but never got around too it. ...

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Corvette Style

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Our Christmas tradition continues with the 6th annual repost of "Twas The Night Before Christmas - Corvette Style". The Corvette remix of this holiday...

"The Speed Business" Premiers - First 3 Episodes Now Live

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The Speed Business is a web-based documentary/reality show detailing a behind the scenes look at Blackdog Racing and team owner/driver Tony Gaples. ...

Forgotten 1969 Corvette Pulled from the Weeds

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This 1969 Corvette T-Top Coupe had been left in the care of mother nature for an extended length of time with predictable results....