[VIDEO] Where to Carry a Firearm in a C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Where to Carry a Firearm in a C8 Corvette

Corvette owners who responsibly carry a firearm loved the C7 for having the secret storage behind the radio. And now that the C8 is out, some have lamented about the lack of options for securing your firearm in your mid-engine Corvette while still keeping them within reach. Lucky for us, we stumbled on this video – where to carry a firearm in a C8 Corvette.

And if you are this guy, the answer is everywhere!

He said he likes to keep the machine gun in the cockpit with him and I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t…

From Elliot Farro via YouTube:

A very technical review of where to carry a Firearm in a C8 Corvette. (No one is more professional than I)

Now that the C8 has the firewall behind the driver to separate the cockpit from the engine, how do you feel about modding it with gun rack?

Elliot Farro / YouTube

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  1. Those are all the obvious places to put a Long Gun, how about somewhere for a 9mm, .44, or .357 magnum? IWB just don’t work with the GT2 seats, weapon digs into the leather. Kidney holster is very uncomfortable also. So my question is: Where can someone put a Glock 43 w/trigger guard mount laser sight & Tru-Glo night sights within reach without drilling, or cutting into the interior? Asking for a Friend 🤨💭

  2. Why do you need a machine gun? If you like machine guns join the Army and get yourself an 11B MOS.

  3. Of course he was trying to be humorous, and fell a little flat, but 007 would have found a way to mount that firepower in the front grill work!

  4. I’m a gun guy, target shooter and collector and that guy turned my stomach, glad he doesn’t live anywhere close to me.

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