How Low Can You Go? 1972 Corvette Convertible With Just 967 Miles

How Low Can You Go? 1972 Corvette Convertible with just 967 Miles
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Imagine buying your brand new 454-equipped Corvette and then finding out that the annual insurance premium will be slightly less than 20% of the sales price. Now what do you do? Park it for 40+ years, naturally. That’s just what Jim Kevan did after bringing his shiny new roadster home. Today it shows just 967 miles on the odometer.

At the ripe old age of 22 Kevan stopped in at Grabiak Chevrolet in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania to purchase a new Corvette. Like most of us, he wanted the top dog available that year which meant he wanted the raucous ZR1. He figured this would be his best chance at a brand new Corvette before getting married and starting a family.

How Low Can You Go? 1972 Corvette Convertible with just 967 Miles

Kevan’s salesman wasn’t convinced that the ZR1 was the right Corvette for him. The salesman steered Jim away from the factory racer due to its lack of power steering and radio. Being a seasoned street racer and GTO owner, Kevan disagreed but eventually gave in and ordered a Bryar Blue, 4-speed, LS5 convertible with a white top.

Kevan paid $6,200 for his Corvette. After consummating the deal he called his insurance agent who promptly gave him a $1,200 quote. At this point he made the decision to pull car off the road after a few trips to the dealer and around town. He would later get married and have a couple kids and, as happens with many of us, the Corvette was no longer practical. He had no intention of storing the car for so long, but now 40 years have gone by.

How Low Can You Go? 1972 Corvette Convertible with just 967 Miles

Today the car is still completely original and stock. It even still sits on the original Firestone Wide Oval tires. The odometer reads just 967 miles.

Kevan went on to day “It eats me to this day when I see how much fun I could have had driving that car new, but then there’s the other side that says well you still got this car now and you got it with 900 miles.”

How Low Can You Go? 1972 Corvette Convertible with just 967 Miles


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  1. I can also remember the Muscle Car era and Insurance. I had a 1970 LS 6 SS Chevelle. The MSRP was $4,624. I drove it for 2 years and one Saturday morning I opened my mail. There was my new Insurance Premium, $1,470. They had doubled my prior insurance rate which was already high at $735. I called my Insurance Agent and he said he was expecting my call. He had known about the increase for the past month and had tried to get to a different company with a lower rate. No one was interested in Insuring this car. My driving record was not a problem, it was clean. So, that afternoon, I went to the Chevy dealer and had traded it in on my first of now 30 Corvettes. It was a Coupe with the small 350. My annual Insurance premium was now just $270. This story is just another reminder as to what happened to end the Muscle Car era. Paul Buckroyd, West Des Moines, Iowa ..

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