[VIDEO] 1961 Corvette Escapes a California Wild Fire

1961 Corvette Escapes a California Wild Fire

Sometimes a photo isn’t what it seems.

Check out this short video to see what appears to be a very nice 1961 Corvette out on a leisurely scenic drive in a nice neighborhood in Burbank.

But as the Corvette rolls along, the camera pans out and up, and you find out very quickly why the driver was moving rapidly – the ridge behind his home was still smoldering, and he was trying to make sure his beautiful car remained safe if the fire started up again! While at that point the blaze appeared to have been contained, this Corvette driver definitely wasn’t taking any chances with his pride and joy.

David Steele, director of the American Hot Rod Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the history of hot-rodding in all its forms, posted the gif on Instagram earlier this week.

“I was interviewing Richard French, one of the original members of the SoCal Speed Shop racing team and one of the original Forty Niners who went to the first Bonneville Speed Week in 1949,” Steele said. “We noticed all this smoke. I went outside, climbed up a short ridge and saw the fire. Then I saw the guy in the Corvette; you can’t tell it from the video but he was really moving.”

Autoweek reports that the Corvette made it out safely, and fortunately all of the houses – and the cars out front – likewise survived the blaze, one of five wildfires currently scorching California.


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