[VIDEO] Tailor-inspired Custom-Fit Covers Protect the C7 Corvette and Other GM Vehicles

[VIDEO] Tailor-inspired Custom-Fit Covers Protect the C7 Corvette and Other GM Vehicles

We’ve all pointed excitedly whenever we spot a truckload of Corvette Stingrays coming down the interstate, all dressed up in their protective white covers.

Now, here’s the inside story about those “fancy suits.”

General Motors has joined forces with CoverCar, part of an Italy-based company, to create custom covers for some GM vehicles, including the 2014 Corvette Stingray, Cadillac ELR, and the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks.

The goal is to make sure those vehicles make it to their owners looking like they just left the assembly plant where they were manufactured.

“These covers address an important part of the customer experience, ensuring that vehicles delivered thousands of miles away appear as though they just rolled off the assembly line,” said Noel Hunt, GM manager of international quality.

Already, Stingray owners have turned the one-time-use covers into souvenirs of their delivery experience, and many want to be at the dealership when the covers are pulled off so they can capture the big moment with their cameras.

[VIDEO] Tailor-inspired Custom-Fit Covers Protect the C7 Corvette and Other GM Vehicles

The Stingray was actually the third GM vehicle to take advantage of the covers, with the export versions of the 2013 Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera leading the way. Since last year, CoverCar has been working from an operations center in Michigan so that it could be close to the assembly plants to craft the custom covers for the Corvette, ELR, and full-size pickups.

Keeping the elements out with these covers is especially critical when the vehicles are shipped thousands of miles overseas over a period of weeks.

“GM and our dealers in Dubai and the wider Middle East region are delighted that the covers provide great protection not only during the shipping process but also against the unique environmental conditions we see here; namely sand,” said Maurice Williams, president and managing director, GM Middle East.

“The covers help us to deliver our vehicles to our customers at the high levels of quality they expect and we demand,” he said.

In the past, export vehicles were protected from scratches and dirt by a plastic film, but “the best solution is to custom-fit the covers for each model to ensure they stay factory fresh during a lengthy journey that spans weeks and includes time at port and on a ship,” Hunt said.

Right now, an estimated 100,000 GM vehicles will be protected by the new custom covers, but other models could soon see the same special treatment, according to Hunt.

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