[VIDEO] Removing the Corvette Stingray’s Transit Cover


[VIDEO] Removing the Corvette Stingray's Transit Cover

As we’ve seen from the shipping pics and videos, the 2014 Corvette Stingrays are being shipped with a heavy duty cover designed to protect them as much as possible while in transit.

One of the top questions about shipping has been whether owners can keep the covers. But after seeing this video, I pretty much guarantee that once removed, you won’t want to try putting it back on.

This video comes from our friend Rick Corvette Conti at Coughlin Chevrolet in Ohio. Rick received his first allocation on Friday and proceeded to unwrap the car like a boy on Christmas morning unwrapping the best gift ever.

You’ll see this isn’t just a cover that you can whip on or off at a moments notice. There’s a lot of taps and flaps and that piece of plastic that Rick points out would make me nervous anytime I had it around the Stingray’s exterior.

Still, for those that like to keep all the documentation and original wrappers that their car comes in, the transport cover will still make a nice addition to the collection.


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