[VIDEO] New Drone Video Shows Tornado-Damaged Corvettes Waiting for the Crusher


[VIDEO] New Drone Video Shows Tornado-Damaged Corvettes Waiting for the Crusher

Photo Credit: svrweather / YouTube

Such a sad sight…

Following the clean up of the Corvette Assembly Plant after a tornado struck Bowling Green in the early morning hours of December 11th, we learned that 115-122 Corvettes inside the plant would be crushed and those customers would have new orders put back into the production cycle.

We already shared a couple of photos of those condemned C8 Corvettes that were moved to a back lot of the assembly plant, and now a new drone video from svrweather gives us a better look at those cars which were in various stages of production when the storm hit.

As the drone moves over the different cars, you can see an “X” painted on the windshield as if to indicate that workers marked any car that was observed to have any damage from the water or roof collapse, much like resue workers mark a house after it was searched during an emergency event.

I mentioned this previously, perhaps on the latest CORVETTE TODAY Podcast, that it would be great for Corvette Assembly Plant Kai Spande to share the details with Corvette enthusiasts of the tornado strike and the resulting clean-up during next year’s seminar at the NCM Bash event.

Speaking of the Corvette Assembly Plant, the drone also made a pass over the factory and we see several cranes still in place and it looks like portions of the roof are being replaced or upgraded as well. Looks like the clean-up with continue into 2022.


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  1. This makes me sick, but it’s all about money. In the long run the factory is better off not trying to repair the cars and then selling them as new or salvaging the usable parts. They know there would be lawsuits. Still I would bet that one or two get “lost” on the way to the crusher.

  2. Problem is that the vehicles were already assigned VIN numbers and GM obviously cannot sell “factory seconds” Corvettes with water ingress or smoke smell/damage. It’d be cool if they did give one of the partially assembled to the corvette museum in memory of the tornado /winds hitting the plant.

  3. It’s a bullshit story they do not crush all of those Corvettes, come on there is ins issues that they don’t tell you all of the facts as to what happens to those Corvette parts.
    I guess they think we are all dumb.

  4. they should offer these as is where is without any warranty and a complete liability sign off by the buyer. The engines alone make this a worthwhile effort for some mechanical capable individuals. I could easily see the engines in ski boats or low profile hydroplanes.

  5. Those idiots should put them out for a salvage bid. Even with a VIN they would have a salvage title and since they are in their system no warranty or liability would be incurred. Insurance companies take title to storm/flood/ wrecked cars all the time. I rebuilt two Corvettes I bought from the insurance salvage pool. They are now race cars as no one wants a salvage titled car…..now you know why those dopes can’t build cars and are teasing us with the flat plane vibrator engine Z06, how much over sticker……I will keep my C8 but no more GM for me….jackson

  6. I counted 124 cars in that aerial photo. Unless GM is self insured, they would most likely have to buy the cars back from the insurers to be able to destroy them.


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