[VIDEO] That’s One Way to Paint a New C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] That's One Way to Paint a New C8 Corvette

We always like to say that the Corvette is a blank canvas for their owners to customize, and here we have a video of an artist literally using their C8 Corvette as a blank canvas.

Adahir Chi Balderas is a Mexican-based Calligraphy artist whose designs are based on geometric figures and the circles formed in the use of “gothic calligraphy.” In this quick video posted to YouTube, Adahir Chi is seen putting these talents to work as he hand paints a C8 Corvette Stingray.

We know that many of you would never do anything remotely similar with your cars, but kudos to Adahir Chi for wanting to share his artwork where ever he goes.

Letra A 2.0 / YouTube

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  1. A lot of extra and unnecessary weight. However, if it makes you HAPPY then whatever floats your boat, do it.

  2. just don’t under stand it I can accept a rap in what ever color . Hope he loves it and never sells it .

  3. If you were drunk and finger painting it just for gits and shiggles, but this doesn’t look to be the rinse off kind. FFS, why?

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