[VIDEO] Rookie Parking Mistake


[VIDEO] Rookie Parking Mistake

A surveillance video uploaded to YouTube shows a C3 Corvette pulling into a parking lot and parking. Exiting the car, the driver walks away from the car and never looks back.

The unwritten rule when walking away from your Corvette is to give it a look back. After all, if she doesn’t deserve a look back, maybe you’re driving the wrong car. Had the gent driving this C3 Corvette followed that rule, he would have seen the “rookie mistake” he was in the process of committing.

You can see the car starting rolling backward even before the driver is out of the car, and once he exits the picture the car rolls down the slight incline and becoming wedged over a parking curb. And it’s a good thing that the parking curb was there, otherwise, it looks like the car could have ended up in the middle of a street.

The video we’d really like to see is the driver’s reaction when he finds his car wasn’t in the same place as where he left it.

J Tru / YouTube

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  1. Hard to believe he couldn’t feel the car moving backwards before he got out of the car. You can see it moving before he gets out.

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